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HP Instant Ink Automatically Orders Replacement from Printer

Running out of ink can be a nightmarish experience, especially in the dead of night when you're working hard to meet a deadline. With HP Instant Ink, your printer orders more ink as soon as it senses that it's running low. No more wild guesses on when the last page of ink will be. HP Canada is always thinking ahead with their inks and toners, so why not plan for the best with HP Canada printing solutions?

All About HP Ink

HP, formerly Hewlett-Packard, has been a household name for computer accessories for decades, and their reputation precedes them as a reliable, top-quality manufacturer. It may not come as a surprise that HP Canada ink and toner easily syncs up with an HP printer, but you will be amazed to see the incredibly clear quality behind each print. You can shop for inks, toners, printheads, and paper in the HP Canada online store, giving you all the tools you need to print a clear-cut, beautiful presentation that you won't hesitate to share. Plus, with the HP Instant Ink program, your printer can automatically order more ink for you, giving you peace of mind when it comes to always having ink on hand, especially when you're meeting tight deadlines.

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Why Customers Choose HP Ink

Customers choose HP Canada ink and toners because it conveniently takes all your needs into consideration. HP Canada inks and toners can seamlessly sync up with HP printers, leaving you to only focus on your designs and print jobs rather than how good it will look in person. HP Canada has also created a new environmentally conscious initiative, HP Planet Partners, to work towards easier recycling when you're done with some HP products. While this program is in the works, HP Canada offers great tips on how and where to recycle your HP parts.