IdentityForce Review

  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
  • Advanced Fraud Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Social Media Identity Monitoring
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance & Recovery
  • Dedicated Resolution Specialist in the event of an identity theft incident
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
  • Advanced Fraud Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Social Media Identity Monitoring
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance & Recovery
  • Dedicated Resolution Specialist in the event of an identity theft incident



IdentityForce uses member feedback to continuously improve their services and give users top-rated protection against identity theft. Whether you're protecting yourself, your family, or your business, IdentityForce understands that your personal data isn't just a data risk. They're committed to protecting your livelihood and everything you've worked for up to this point, giving them a holistic perspective that better connects IdentityForce specialists with their clients. 

IdentityForce is consistently considered a best-in-class service when it comes to customer communication, providing access to a live agent at any time of the day or night. Identity theft doesn't have a curfew, so neither does IdentityForce. Combine their customer service with robust technology, an award-winning platform, rigorous product testing, and open communication, and you have a unique recipe for a leader in the identity theft protection industry. 

To back this up, IdentityForce has also included $1 million identity theft insurance with every policy. In the event your identity is stolen, you can recover out-of-pocket expenses and even lost wages associated with your data breach.

Ready to start protecting you, your family, or your business? Get started with IdentityForce today. 

How IdentityForce Protects

Their identity protection and credit monitoring services revolve around four main concepts to help make your life easier:

  • Monitor: IdentityForce monitors many different channels to make sure your personal information isn't being altered or used without your authorization. They have access to and monitor court records, postal service requests, payday loan applications, sex offender registries and more to make sure your information isn't being used by criminals.
  • Alert: Conveniently receive alerts at home or on the go through mobile text alerts and email when IdentityForce finds suspicious activity. Their advanced technology sends prompt alerts so you can take immediate action. You can even get an alert if a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood.
  • Control: You get total control of your personal information through instant access to your credit reports and scores. IdentityForce provides you with an Identity Health Score so you can understand where, when, and how you are at risk and take control to prevent theft. They also help you control junk mail that contains personal information by opting out of marketing databases and pre-approved credit card offers.
  • Relax: You can go about your business knowing that IdentityForce is in your corner. Should anything happen to your personal information, they have experts on hand to help you stop unauthorized charges, cancel credit or debit cards, and recover your identity. They do the heavy lifting and save you hours of tedious phone calls and paperwork.

UltraSecure Membership

IdentityForce has been in the identity protection industry for nearly 40 years, evolving their approach on how to better protect you and your family against risks that could compromise everything you've worked for. With their tenure, IdentityForce has developed key strategies to stay ahead of potential threats and keep you informed.

An UltraSecure membership is composed of a multi-layered approach to work diligently and effectively against even the most advanced cyberthreats.

  1. Advanced Fraud Monitoring: Credit activity can hurt your credit score, even when it comes down to just simple loan inquiries. You'll receive proactive, real-time alerts when a copy of your credit report is requested by a lender, mortgage company, or other agency. These requests can affect your credit, so receiving early alerts means that you can jump on potential threats before they afflict even more damage on your credit. 

  2. Smart SSN Tracker: Your Social Security Number is one of the most unique identifying sets of data associated with your name, and it's used to see your credit history when applying for a big purchase. It can be exhausting to resolve threats associated with a stolen Social Security Number, especially when it interferes with a dream car that you've been saving up for or applying for a student loan. IdentityForce intelligently tracks the usage of your Social Security Number and alerts you to any unfamiliar activity that is perceived as fraudulent or suspicious. Staying on top of this activity gives you more control over your future loans. 

  3.  $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance and Recovery: In the event that your identity is stolen, IdentityForce helps you recover expenses that were incurred as a result. IdentityForce's Certified Protection Experts are available 24/7 to help you with any of the stressful details that can feel overwhelming if you tackle it alone. From paperwork to talking with financial institutions, IdentityForce is the sidekick you'll need during an identity theft incident.

  4. Mobile App: Access IdentityForce resources on the go with their mobile app that is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Rather than wait to investigate a suspicious alert that came up on your mobile, you can take a look while you're away from the computer. This allows for a quick response on your part, keeping you in the loop at all times.

  5. Online PC Protection Tools: Have you ever used a computer? The answer is most likely yes. With IdentityForce's online protection, your online activities are protected from malicious tracking that can store your personal information without you knowing. Whether you're online shopping or just accessing your bank account from your PC, you'll remain protected with IdentityForce. 

  6. Bank and Credit Card Activity: Once a charge exceeds a pre-determined dollar amount, you'll be alerted to confirm whether or not the transaction was done by you or someone else. This helps both you and your banking institution spot fraudulent charges, keeping your money safe and secure. 

  7. Social Media Identity Monitoring: Social media is one of the most prominent and pervasive ways we interact with family and friends, so when our accounts are hacked or used without our consent, your identity is compromised. IdentityForce monitors your social media accounts to track unusual activity that could put you and your network at risk. 

UltraSecure+Credit Membership

The UltraSecure+Credit Membership offers the features listed above, along with several key monitoring functions that turn its focus on your credit. By doing this, years of financial growth won't fall victim to an attack on your identity. 

  1. Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring: IdentityForce will monitor across three major credit bureaus to determine if any changes were made. Daily monitoring will catch these changes, blocking their potential to grow and inflict more damage on your credit. 

  2. Credit Score Simulator: As a resource for your own personal financial planning, you can predict what your score will look like with hypothetical purchases, credit lines, and more scenarios. This helps you understand what can make your credit score fluctuate, whether it increases or decreases. 

  3.  Three-Bureau Credit Reports and Score: Another resource to help you control your personal finances, you'll have access to the credit information that lenders will see when you apply for a loan. Be prepared when asking a lender to borrow money and better understand where you stand with your credit report.  

For about 50 cents a day, their UltraSecure plan keeps track of your identity and personal data so you can go about your business confident that your information is being protected. If you upgrade to the UltraSecure + Credit, you also get the benefit of daily credit score monitoring plus access to your credit reports for a small monthly cost. Plus, if you choose to pay either plan annually instead of monthly, you save an additional 17% and get two months free!

Customers love the security of knowing IdentityForce has their back. Between daily monitoring and identity theft insurance, customers feel safe using IdentityForce. They also love the useful features like reducing the amount of junk mail they get and monitoring services for the whole family.

Get started today and breathe a little easier — start safeguarding your protection against identity fraud with IdentityForce today!