Top 10 Reclining Gaming Chairs 2020Updated July, 2020

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VON RACER Gaming Massage Chair

  • reclining back locks at angles up to 135°
  • Includes massage lumbar cushion
  • 3D spine support
  • 250 lb max weight
  • Overall dimension: 26.8’’L x 26.8’’W x 48.8’-52.0’’H

RESPAWN R110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • 360° rotation
  • 90°-155° recline
  • Ergonomic design
  • 275 lb max weight
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Also Available at:

Also Available at:

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

  • 17.7" seat height
  • 90-180° recline
  • Recliner design
  • 265 lb max weight
  • 1-year warranty

Also Available at:

Also Available at:

JUMMICO Reclining Gaming Chair

  • 90° - 165° recline
  • Premium PU leather
  • Sturdy armrest, adjustable footrest angle
  • 265 lb weight limit
  • Closed Dimensions: 29”W x 25”D x 41.3”H

BestOffice Gaming Chair

  • 360° rotation
  • 90° - 155° recline
  • Headrest, footrest, & lumbar support
  • 250 lb max weight
  • 19.5" - 23.2" height adjustment

Homall Gaming Chair

  • 360° rotation
  • 90-180° recline
  • Orthopedically & ergonomically designed
  • 300 lb max weight
  • Headrest and lumbar support

Also Available at:

Also Available at:

Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair

  • 90° - 180° recline
  • Extra storage side bag
  • Soft headrest, lumbar support and footrest
  • 300 lb max weight
  • Closed dimensions: 31.9”L × 25.2”W × 40.0”H

Homall Gaming Chair With Footrest

  • Orthopedic design
  • Suppressible footrest
  • 90-150° Tilt angle
  • Dimensions are 33" x 20" x 45"
  • 280lbs Weight capacity

Vitesse Gaming Chair

  • 360° rotation
  • 90°-180° recline
  • Class-3 Gas Lift
  • 300 lb max weight
  • 90-day warranty

Kealive Office and Gaming Chair

  • Soft Pu leather
  • Adjustable reclining chair
  • Weight limit 400lbs
  • Fully ergonomic
  • 12-Month warranty

Our Top Choice

VON RACER Gaming Massage Chair

  • reclining back locks at angles up to 135°
  • Includes massage lumbar cushion
  • 3D spine support
  • 250 lb max weight
  • Overall dimension: 26.8’’L x 26.8’’W x 48.8’-52.0’’H

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Gaming Chairs Shopping Guide

Did you get a new gaming system but you're still sitting on your old mattress to play it? There's a better way to play, and it involves back support, built-in speakers, and overall comfort.

Let's face it: we're not kids anymore. Even though we're still playing the best games on the market, we need ibuprofen if we sit in one spot for more than 2 hours. After sitting cross-legged on the floor, our legs start feeling sore. We can no longer sit against three pillows and play Halo for a full day straight. We need a gaming chair that says we're serious about both our consoles and chiropractic needs.

Back Support

Just like a good office chair, your gaming chair should be ergonomic and durable. If you're spending long hours in your gaming chair, you want to make sure that you're benefiting your posture and supporting your back. Most of our picks are chairs with great lumbar support, and this can come in the form of hard-molded foam or specific lumbar pillows. The cushions in these chairs are often adjustable to meet your specific height.

Lumbar cushions are shaped to maintain the proper curvature of your spine. Sitting on a chair for too long can cause pressure on the spine, so a lumbar cushion helps relieve aches and pains associated with this. You can think of a lumbar pillow as a little assistant for your back, holding up your posture to eliminate unwanted pressure.

The best gaming chairs will provide lumbar support and also durable materials that will not break down over time. The more that you use your gaming chair, which will likely be for several hours at a time, the more necessary the structural integrity of the chair becomes.

Your Chair Shouldn't Feel Warm

The dirty truth of sitting in a chair for extended periods of time is that you start sweating, especially when you're in the midst of playing a tough level. It's frustrating to get up from your chair to find your back sticking to the seat or your shirt drenched in sweat just from Call of Duty.

Chair manufacturers have given certain chairs a mesh backing to add airflow and improve ventilation in your gaming chair. The downside to this is that a mesh backing contradicts some of the important lumbar support provided in hard, non-conforming foam. To combine the best of both worlds, you'll see that some gaming chairs include holes in the spinal region of the seats or their material is considered "skin-friendly" (yeah, we hate that term, too).

Leather is naturally more breathable than rubber or vinyl and gaming chairs have incorporated this quality into their designs. With a material that allows the chair to breathe, designers can keep the hard lumbar support without compromising ventilation. This is a similar feature included in the seats of a luxury vehicle, matching that same priority of having a chair you can sit in for long periods of time. The more comfortable you feel in your chair, the less distracted you'll be while playing.

Luckily, you don't have to pay tons more for top-notch leather. To find a gaming chair that uses quality leather stitching in their build, you'll only have to shell out a little more than $100. If you had to choose between a stiff, hot $40 chair and a comfortable, breathable chair for $100, it's easy to make the right decision.


Gamers come in all shapes and sizes and so should gaming chairs. If you're going to buy a gaming chair with all these cool features, you should be using it for all of its capabilities, which means tilting it back to a near horizontal angle, raising and lowering its seat height, properly fitting in the seat, and more.

Each chair has a certain weight limit that you should look at before purchasing to make sure it's right for you. There's no need to purchase a chair that is going to break down quicker just because it has a limited weight capacity.

Other chairs will also offer several points of adjustability, giving it versatile positioning that can benefit any gamer. This is especially great for households with more than one gamer using a certain game console. If you can adjust the seat height, the tilt of the chair, and more, then you'll make every person in your household comfortable as they try to beat a new level.

Look out for chairs that offer adjustments for the lumbar support pillow, armrest, seat height, headrest height, and even tilt angle of the chair itself. You can find all of these commodities without a huge increase in price since they should be a basic addition to any important gaming chair. For $100 to $200, you should be able to get a chair that adjusts to every specific angle you want.

Tech-Savvy Add-Ons

Where an actual price spike comes in will be for the high-tech add-ons, such as built-in speakers in the headrest, Bluetooth-connected chairs, or limited-edition stylized options.

For full sound immersion, you'll want to make sure that the speakers included in your gaming chair include a subwoofer for improved bass sound, as well as complete access to all the different sound effects in any game. If you can't hear a high-pitched alien scream, then you're missing out on some of the game's elements, which hinders your overall gaming experience. This means that your sound system should be able to capture all frequencies to give you an all-inclusive audio immersion.

With Bluetooth-enabled devices, there are some gaming chairs that actually sync at a multiplayer level so you can connect with your teammates. Along with this, you can connect with any device via Bluetooth, giving you complete control over your devices without having to get up and manually operate your systems. From Spotify to a new movie, you'll get a movie theatre-esque viewing experience without having to get up. The only thing missing from these chairs is the ability to make popcorn, which we're sure will be the new industry standard in the near future.

For a chair that uses Bluetooth, you can still stay in a reasonable price range of under $200, making it a relatively affordable, yet luxurious, option in the gaming chair industry.

Your Choice Comes Down to Style

Perhaps the most important feature of your new gaming chair is the style of it. Whether you're looking for a minimalistic or Nascar-inspired racing chair, this new addition to your home will be a small reflection of your tastes and decor choices.

From highly detailed stitching to coordinated colors, the style of your chair comes down to your own preferences and tastes. For whatever design you choose, just make sure that it doesn't compromise the build of your gaming chair, otherwise, you'll be throwing your money out the window.

Get That Gaming Chair and Start Gaming

It's so rewarding to sit on a new gaming chair and start enjoying your favorite game with full comfort. Having your own chair with enough space for you and your gaming snacks is reaching a new level of success that your kid self would be beaming about.

Now that we're responsible adults, it's time that we not only worry about the consoles we have at home but also the furniture we'll be sitting on to play them. We have to think about that back support now, and it's not a bad reason to just splurge on a beautiful gaming chair that all your friends will be talking about. 

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