Kettle & Fire Review

  • Collagen-filled and nutrient-rich 
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Slow simmered for optimal nutrient retention
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Collagen-filled and nutrient-rich 
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Slow simmered for optimal nutrient retention
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee

Kettle & Fire


Why Choose Kettle & Fire?

As you look for emergency preparedness foods, you might have noticed the common theme of bland tastes, emergency rations, and quantity over quality. Anyone who wants to focus on nutrients, proteins, and taste quality shouldn't settle on a product that is unclear on its sourcing or cooking methods. Shifting to foods with long shelf lives doesn't mean you have to compromise taste or quality, and Kettle & Fire makes that possible. With a mission to provide delicious, nutritious and easy-to-make shelf-stable foods, Kettle & Fire stands out in the industry with its unique approach to emergency foods. 

Want to take a look at all the tasty bone broths that Kettle & Fire has to offer? Check out the Kettle & Fire website and immediately start getting discounts on foods that you'll be happy to eat in any situation. 

Kettle & Fire cartons and mugs

How It Works

Signing up for Kettle & Fire supplies is simple, brief, and convenient. You can check out all of their sourcing, which is laid out in the resources and materials on their website. This eliminates any mystery behind the packages that you're stocking up in your pantry, adding an extra layer of security to any emergency scenario. Plus, with the tasty benefits of Kettle & Fire bone broth, you can enjoy their flavors on any given day, no crisis needed. 

How easy is it to get started with Fire & Kettle? Take a look: 

  • Step 1: To better understand which product and quantity are right for your household, take a 9-question "Bone Broth Quiz" to help you easily navigate your choices. This quiz will help you determine how you can reach your goals on preparedness, nutrition, and more. Here, you'll answer questions regarding any dietary preferences or restrictions, and once you enter your email address, you'll receive newsletters that include helpful tips, updates, and more news from Fire & Kettle. Or, you can choose your bone broth, soup, or keto soup individually and start adding different cartons to your shopping list. 

  •  Step 2: When you know which food item you're ready to purchase, you can make a one-time purchase OR you can save money by subscribing to Kettle & Fire. By choosing a subscription, you're setting yourself up for an automatic delivery every 30 or 60 days.

  • Step 3: After placing your order, your items ship free and should be expected within 2-5 business days. This free and quick delivery outperforms the shipping options of most competitors.

Each product comes with a full rundown of nutritional information such as its adherence to certain diets (Keto or Paleo). Unlike other emergency food suppliers. Kettle & Fire offers a 100% guarantee in case you have any reason you need to make a return.

Woman simmers Kettle & Fire bone broth on stovetop

Why Users Are Choosing Kettle & Fire 

The combination of flavor, nutrient builds, and flexible policies give Kettle & Fire a strong edge against other suppliers. Reviewers love the benefits of Kettle & Fire, including gut health and devotion to health.

Kettle & Fire 8-pack of cartons

Since each broth takes only 5 minutes to simmer and prepare, Kettle & Fire is a great option for anyone just in need of a quick meal. Along with this, each Kettle & Fire carton lasts for two years on the shelf, so having it as a backup meal is the perfect option for a household wanting to supplement or start their emergency food cache. 

Sourced from family farms who raise their animals without added hormones or antibiotics, Kettle & Fire takes pride in the ingredients in each product. Knowing this commitment, you can rest assured knowing you're adding a dependable source of nutrients to your kitchen. 

Each broth is simmered for 20 hours or more to extract the maximum amount of collagen, proteins, and amino acids possible. Because of this, you're receiving a hearty bowl of goodness each time you prepare your Kettle & Fire carton. 

The measures taken by Kettle & Fire to improve the quality of their products goes far and above and excels in the market of emergency supplies. Whether you want to enjoy a keto-friendly snack or you need to add more nutrition to your emergency food closet, Kettle & Fire serves up the diverse flavors you can depend on. 

Kettle & Fire broth on shelves

Add Kettle & Fire to your emergency food supplies today. Choose from paleo- and keto-friendly items and find flavors like Butter Curry or Spicy Cauliflower today.