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Being Healthy is Different for Everyone

Imagine a health plan that is customized just for you based on your DNA. With Vitagene, you can make better food choices based on your genetics and lifestyle, take appropriate vitamins and minerals and exercise in ways that are most effective for your body. All of this is a swab sample away.

Vitagene helps you understand your genes and how they relate to your lifestyle. Have you had trouble losing weight or getting a good night's sleep? Results from Vitagene shed light on these and other health issues you may face. Each kit comes with a free 15-minute nutritional consultation.

If you already have had a DNA profile done, you can upload your results to Vitagene and take advantage of the health and wellness recommendations.

All About Vitagene

Working with Vitagene is very easy. First, order your kit online; it will arrive within 3-5 business days. Next, complete your swab sample and return it to the lab by using the prepaid mailer included with your order. To gain a better understanding of your genes and how they relate to your lifestyle, complete your online health questionnaire while your sample is being analyzed. Within 4-6 weeks, your results will be available. Based on your findings, you can begin to create your personalized plan for supplements, diet recommendations, and nutritional advice.

Vitagene understands that your health information is personal and private and will make your privacy their priority. They use industry-standard security practices when storing your DNA samples and results.

Why Customers Choose Vitagene

Vitagene's customers really love the personalized supplements that are recommended by their DNA results. Additionally, they feel as if their recommendations are spot on when it comes to diet and exercise. Many express that their days of mindlessly eating and exercising are over and instead have taken Vitagene's results to heart: finding the optimal diet based on their DNA and switching to a workout routine that makes the most sense for their genes.

Even customers who have had DNA profiles done with other companies love Vitagene. They took advantage of their health reports based on their previous DNA results and are happy with the analysis they received. Many customers subscribe to Vitagene's supplements program and report feeling better than ever.

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