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Find out Where You really Come From

Where do your ancestors come from? Living DNA helps you answer this question by providing comprehensive reports on your motherline and fatherline (if you are male). When you order your Living DNA kit, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and instruments for an at-home mouth swab. When you complete the sample, send it back to their labs for testing. You'll receive your results online and if requested, a printed version as well. Results take between 10-12 weeks to be posted online. Start your journey today!

All About Living DNA

Living DNA makes it extremely simple to learn more about your ancestry. To begin, order your kit online. It's shipped directly to you either by standard or express mail. Living DNA also delivers worldwide.

Next, activate your kit online and collect your sample using Living DNA's kit. All you have to do is swab your mouth - it's that easy.

Using the free returns bag, send your sample back to Living DNA where they will begin to analyze your sample. Within 10-12 weeks, your results will be ready online.

Living DNA gives you twice the detail of other ancestry tests thanks to the scientific teams they work with and the amount of information they gather from your DNA. If you want, you're also able to get your results in a personalized book.

Why Customers Choose Living DNA

Users have found Living DNA to be particularly helpful, especially in narrowing down British ancestry to a particular region. So far, no other ancestry tests are able to pinpoint a specific location. Living DNA is also able to go back past the typical 4-5 generations into all of human history.

If you're looking for region-specific information about your ancestry, Living DNA may be the test for you. With their team of scientists who know how to get the most out of each DNA sample, you're guaranteed to learn a great deal about your past with unmatched specificity. Try Living DNA today!

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