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Discover Your Past

Family Tree DNA helps with you discover your genealogy by connecting you to your ancestors. And since they maintain one of the largest DNA databases, you'll be able to find individuals who share your DNA.

Interested in starting your DNA journey? Family Tree DNA makes it simple. First, decide which test you'd like to use and order it online. Next, swab the inside of your cheek with the easy-to-use swabs included in your kit. Mail your sample in and wait for your results.

Best of all, Family Tree DNA takes your privacy very seriously. They believe your details belong to you and only you and won't sell your results to third parties.

All About Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA is your best resource if you have a genealogy challenge you are trying to tackle. They offer several tests looking at different parts of your DNA.

Their most popular test, the Family Finder, is a great start if you're looking for percentage breakdowns of your origins, connecting to ancient groups or discovering new DNA relatives.

Their next popular test is the mtDNA which traces the path of your female ancestors. Like the Family Finder, you'll have access to the largest mtDNA database.

If you're interested in following the origins through your paternal side, you can purchase the Y-DNA test. Since the Y chromosome is mostly unchanged from father to son you'll be able to see your ancestral migration pattern.

When you purchase any of these tests, you'll be able to connect to matches, access group projects and experts on your lineage, receive updated results, view webinars with professional genetic genealogist and receive personalized customer support.

Why Customers Choose Family Tree DNA

People who have used Family Tree DNA comment on how comprehensive their results are. Because they are able to test both maternal and paternal lineage, you're able to get more information about a specific side of your family. Based on your results, you are able to connect with others who have similar genetics. They could be a long lost family member! Most of all, users have appreciated the ability to use results from other DNA testing sites and upload them to Family Tree DNA. They are able to gain more depth to their results and learn more about their ancestry. Look to Family Tree DNA for your all your genealogy needs!

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