AncestryDNA Review

  • Simple saliva sample
  • Largest DNA database in the world
  • 15 million users
  • Ethnic origins and DNA traits tests
  • Results ready in 6-7 weeks
  • Simple saliva sample
  • Largest DNA database in the world
  • 15 million users
  • Ethnic origins and DNA traits tests
  • Results ready in 6-7 weeks



Why AncestryDNA®?

AncestryDNA makes it easy to figure out the branches of your family tree and discover your ethnic mix. By completing a quick saliva sample in their easy-to-follow home kit, you will be one step closer in seeing what makes you, YOU. Your results will give you your unique blend of ethnicities from 1,00 distinct regions all over the world, including new additions in Africa and Asia. Along with this, you'll discover more than 25 unique personality trains with AncestryDNA Traits, helping you uncover a new side of yourself.

Where did your family's story begin? Find out today with AncestryDNA

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How Does AncestryDNA Work?

AncestryDNA has been a leader in helping people find missing branches in their family tree. AncestryDNA takes it one step further helping the user find their unique ethnic mix, finding distant relative and discovering new stories within their family histories.

Their process is simple:

Step 1: Order an online kit with easy-to-follow directions. This will be delivered to your home that you can work on at your convenience. Each kit comes with the resources you need to provide samples. 

Step 2: Return your saliva sample in the prepaid envelope. 

Step 3: AncestryDNA will begin to analyze your DNA at more than 700,000 genetic markers.

The process takes about 6-7 weeks for AncestryDNA to fully evaluate your samples. Once complete, your results will be made available to you online.

When you get your results, you'll be part of Genetic Communities; specific groups of people that you are related to based on your DNA. Together, you'll discover places they called home and what migration journeys you all followed to get you where you are today. You'll gain greater depths to your family's origins and grow a new branch on your family tree. 

With AncestryDNA insights, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your family lines, geographical roots, ethnicity makeup, and more.

What is AncestryHealth®?

AncestryHealth* is another step in the DNA evaluation process, helping you dive deeper into an understanding of your family health history. With AncestryHealth, you'll get all the benefits of AncestryDNA, plus health-centric comprehension. AncestryHealth gives you personalized health reports with steps you can take that are appropriate to your family's history, access to genetic counseling reports, and a family health history tool. 

AncestryHealth takes your analysis one step further, connecting past generations with your current timeline and giving you the tools you need to take actionable steps based on what you learn via AncestryDNA. If you can find patterns in your bloodline, you can take proactive measures to ensure a healthy future. 

*AncestryHealth® is not available in NY, NJ and RI

The AncestryDNA Difference 

People are drawn to AncestryDNA because, in its short time, it has been able to gather one of the largest and most diverse DNA collections out there. By using the latest scientific methods, they are able to compare your DNA to people all over the world - helping you get insight and information linked to your unique family history. We all have a story to tell, find out yours at AncestryDNA.

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Ready to start gaining better insight into your family's history? Learn more at AncestryDNA and see just what you can discover.