Oh My Pod

by Madi M.

Posted on Saturday, November 02, 2019

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There's no easier way to ruin a good night's sleep than being too warm in your bed. You can try everything possible to try and ignore it — kick off the covers, turn your fan on, or strip off a layer of clothing, but eventually, a hot mattress will win.

Plus, waking up to reposition takes time away from your deeper sleep, zapping your energy in the morning and tiring you out.

Set your sleep up for success with The Pod, an innovative, smart mattress designed by Eight Sleep. A mattress that you can program to read your sleep patterns, The Pod works for you to give you better rest.

How the Pod Works

The Pod doesn't use conventional methods to cool you down while you're sleeping. Traditionally, you'd see innersprings mattresses rely on the airflow between coils to ventilate your mattress or cooling gel added into stifling memory foam materials. These were all reactionary solutions to heat-trapping materials, rather than a proactive look at cooling down the body with dynamic temperature regulation. 

The Pod is different. Using Adaptive Grid Technology and water-powered thermal technology, The Pod is the type of bed you'd imagine in the future. It senses your body's needs and adapts while you sleep. The Pod works for you, helping your body restore itself and stay "sleep fit."

Staying Sleep Fit

No, staying fit in your sleep doesn't involve lifting weights while you're dreaming. Instead, having peak sleep fitness means that your body is healing and working to restore itself overnight. Sleep is designed to let your brain process, heal, and restore itself for the next day. If temperature, discomfort, lack of support, or just a dead-weight mattress is compromising your sleep, that means that your body isn't powering up properly. When this is the case, you can wake up already tired, hitting the snooze button ten times, easily agitated, and more. 

Sleep fitness pertains to all parts of you, including your breathing, heart rate, and alignment. The Pod can read all of these systems, giving you feedback on how to get better sleep each night. Maybe you're subconsciously pulling the covers up during the night or you're kicking them off. The Adaptive Grid can read your body's cues and adjust without waking you up, keeping you in the perfect homeostasis throughout the night.

Want to have better sleep fitness? You can take $150 off The Pod when you use our coupon code AFF150!

Easy to Control

After adding an app to your smartphone, you can read the information that the Adaptive Grid has gathered from your sleeping habits. From the app, you can also adjust your temperature for your side of the bed, as well as that of your partner's.

Rather than trapping your body's heats inside the mattress's materials, the water flow within the mattress moves your heat away from your body, automatically regulating your bed's temperature to match the preferences you set in the app. The water flow in the mattress evenly cools the mattress, retaining a thermo-neutral sleeping environment that is perfect for a restful night.

The Pod's sleep tracking app also gives you easy-to-read data that helps you understand just how good you're sleeping at night. 

Foam layers below the Adaptive Grid layer are designed to be comfortable and supportive, seamlessly integrating softness with technology. With how comfortable the bed is, you'll have no clue that a smart layer of sensors is preparing a sleep report for you each night.

Sleep Smart

Getting a good night's rest means shutting off your brain and letting it reset for the next morning. But, that doesn't mean that your bed should do the same. You're paying a pretty penny for your mattress, so it should be more than just a slab of foam in your bedroom.

The Pod beefs up the idea of a mattress as it syncs to your body's needs. It isn't just a bed, it's a place of healing and restorative sleep so you can tackle the next day. If you're waking up exhausted every morning, consistently needing extra sleep, or just losing steam after a few hours of being awake, it could be time to get an in-depth look at your sleep.

The Pod is like a sleep lab that doesn't involve electronic patches or weird pulse readers. At a competitive price compared to less-involved luxury mattresses, The Pod is healthy for both your snoozing and your wallet.

The Pod is an extraordinary step in mattresses and sleep health. You can have your own piece of innovative sleep technology with discounts that make your purchase all the more sweeter. You can take $150 off The Pod when you use our coupon code AFF150! Add a steep discount to the Pod's 100-night risk-free trial, and there's no reason not to sleep on one of today's most sought-after mattresses. 

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