Upgrade Your Sleep with EIGHT Mattress

by Madi M.

Posted on Thursday, February 09, 2017

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If you want to replace bleary eyes with bright eyes, you should meet Eight Sleep. The Eight Mattress is your solution to a good night's rest - plus, it's toddler tested and approved.

My family was on a mission to upgrade the Ikea futon that had become the default resting place for whichever child needed extra cuddles at night, which often meant a tired parent collapsing alongside them. It was never intended to be for regular use, and after a couple of months of waking up with a sore back, sore shoulder, or a sore ear (yes, that's a thing) we knew we needed something else. Thankfully, the fine folks at Eight Sleep were looking for normal people to road test their mattress, so we raised our hand to give things a shot.

Let's paint the picture here of what we were upgrading from, in case you've never had the experience of crashing down onto an Ikea Futon. When you fold the futon down, it turns into a full-size bed, of sorts. It is not 100% level, thanks to the center piece. If you were enterprising you might stick some wood in there to straighten it out. If you're like us, you simply moan about the side effects of uneven sleep each morning. The "mattress" if one can call it that is just a piece of cheap foam. No, really. Take a look.

This is NOT the key to a happy, healthy, well-balanced life. Not for you, and not for toddlers either. Needless to say, there was a lot of excitement when the package from Eight arrived.

How Does The Eight Mattress Arrive?

The "bed in a box" concept is in full swing from online retailers, and Eight is second to none. The mattress arrives in a tall box, folded in half and squeezed into a cinnamon roll. A vacuum packed, comfortable cinnamon roll.

After you remove the outer layer of plastic there's a second layer of thinner plastic, that covers the mattress many times over.

We actually filmed the unravelling process, but we won't bore you with that, because it's not the most interesting thing to watch. In brief, when you get your mattress, plan on a light workout while you unroll and unravel, and then plan to wait a little while, allowing the mattress to regain its intended shape. Once it has fully recovered from its sausage-shaped shipping format, it looks, well, like a normal mattress. Check it out:

We wanted to see what the bounce to firmness ratio was like. Instead of immediately jumping onto it, we decided to film a ball dropping onto it. This same ball had several solid bounces on the futon before rolling into the center, which just goes to show how firm and unlevel the futon was. For the Eight Mattress it was a different story - you can see for yourself:

Play-Testing the Mattress

I'll give you the short version: the kids loved this thing. It was just the right balance of soft but supportive so their little toddler legs could run, jump, and wrestle. Even though the official rules are of course "no jumping on the bed."

Upgrading to a real mattress from a futon was the first shift. Going from a full size to a queen size made a huge difference too. A couple of extra inches make for substantially more room to roll around, read, and delay bed time.

Finally, if you're dealing with little ones, there's a massive benefit to having a mattress that doesn't require a frame. Being able to put this directly onto the floor and know it would be just as comfortable was key for us. This is even called out on the packaging, in case you're wondering what kind of a mattress is specifically designed to be comfortable in this way. (Answer: the Eight Mattress).

What Is It Like to Sleep On?

This is the real question we always ask ourselves. And, we have to ask precisely ourselves, because we all sleep in different ways, and have different body types.

In order to take any of the nervousness out of committing to a mattress that currently starts at $850 for a queen, Eight Sleep offers customers a 100-night trial. If you're like us, you'll know within 5 nights if you like it or not. We did.

But if you don't, you can simply let them know, they'll refund you the purchase price, and they'll come and pick it up at your house for free. Now that is what I call customer service. Aside from your house or car, your mattress may be one of the more expensive purchases you make in a given 10-year-period. If this mattress will last that long remains to be seen.

OK, But What Was It Like To Sleep On?

As a back sleeper it gets 5/5. As you can see from the video, it has enough give to dampen a ball being dropped quickly, but not before it gives you a bit of firmness. As a side sleeper, it gets 4/5. You'll likely need to get yourself a body pillow, spouse, toddler, or foster dog to cuddle with. Otherwise you're likely to end up tummy sleeping - and this is where it is not the best of the best in our opinion. It's just a tad too soft for a large person sleeping on their tummy. As a toddler sleeper though, it gets 6/5. You can sleep in any position, in any direction, and still have room for your toys.

Why Should I Get an Eight Mattress?

If you're looking for a solid night's sleep, the Eight Mattress is as good a one as you'll find. The really exciting component, which we intend to explore on the next go around, is the smart layer. The Eight Mattress itself is what they call "data designed", so you know it's intended for maximum comfort and support. It also integrates perfectly with a layer of technology, turning it into a Smart Mattress. The Smart Mattress starts at $950 for a full size. This extra layer will keep the bed warm for you, wake you when it's time, and give you data on how you sleep, so that you can work your way towards the best eight hours you've ever had.

P.S. There was so much excitement during the unpacking process that the box actually became an object of great amusement. Our son insisted on playing inside the box. Don't let this potential "toy" go to waste when you unpack yours!

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