AutoCAD: Software for the Visionaries

by Madi M.

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2019

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For small business owners looking to gain a leg-up in a production sense, smart software can drastically improve the way you produce your product. Imagine you’re a landscaper who needs to visualize a space and also present your vision to a client. Do you want to explain your blueprints in an old-school, Science Fair trifold presentation, or would you rather convey exactly what you were envisioning with a digital rendering? Don’t let the details get lost in translation. Instead, sketch a scaled rendering that gives your clients an exact blueprint of your idea. Let technology empower your business idea and improve the way you sketch out your visualizations.

While there is something to say about rudimentary drawing tools that you can annotate, it’s not the most conducive to building a client-based portfolio. Plus, sharing your hand-sketched ideas doesn’t translate into the virtual network — you’ll have a hard time sharing your design with an international client if everything you have is done on paper.

We think of CAD, or Computer-Aided Drafting or Design, as the grown-up version of playing with Play-Doh. Add a few more detailed measurements and you have yourself an engineering project (okay, it's maybe a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea). 

AutoCAD isn’t a nuanced software only designed for one profession. Instead, any visionary can jump into the software and create something extraordinary. Whether you're someone wanting to create a new HVAC layout for an office building or you're just wanting to streamline your furniture business, AutoCAD can help you materialize your brainstorming session. 

CAD has been taking the hurdles out of hand-made renderings since its inception. Rather than worrying about meticulously creating straight lines, working in small physical workspaces, or even spilling your Starbucks all over your drafting paper, you can start thinking about big pictures, expansion projects, and future collaborations for your future prize-winning design. 

Consolidating everything into a virtual landscape also means you can share your projects with partners, clients, and even yourself if you jump from computer to computer. By bringing your workspace anywhere, you eliminate the limitations that might be holding you back from your next big invention. 

AutoCAD LT vs. AutoCAD

Autodesk has been on the cutting-edge of designer software for nearly 40 years. Their tenure has made them a frontrunner in innovation, evolving alongside computer software. Connecting creatives thinkers with technology, Autodesk has been the leader in giving artists a virtual canvas. 

Over time, Autodesk has made their services more accessible, both literally and financially. By creating their web-based app, users can design from any browser at any time without a download. Just by signing on, creatives can collaborate on specific projects without having to carry their particular workspace with them.

Autodesk has also broken their services down into digestible products, giving clients the option to buy a singular portion of AutoCAD versus an entire package. Small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, or hobbyists can access the service they need to actualize their creative vision. For instance, AutoCAD LT is a cost-effective version of Autodesk's software, allowing burgeoning businesses to craft their design before investing thousands of dollars into a 3D model they're not ready for. 


AutoCAD LT is easy on the budget, so anyone looking to get a head-start on their new business ideas can spend less money on sketching out ideas and invest more in their products, staff, and more. AutoCAD LT allows for 2D drawings and annotation, making it easier to collaborate on projects, no matter where you are.

At a low monthly price, AutoCAD LT means you can have industry-leading design software without cutting into your business costs. By adding automation to your creative design, you can worry less about a pen’s ink bleeding all over your blueprints and more about how to expand on a current project or accommodate to your client’s needs. The LT version of AutoCAD is perfect for anyone learning the ins and outs of product creation, 2D design, and detailed mock-ups. This is a budget-savvy approach to digital designing software. 


For a more comprehensive designer package, users can access 3D modeling and virtual prototypes with AutoCAD. Equipped with 2D and 3D modeling, AutoCAD is an in-depth software that gives developers everything they need to complete their next project. Adding the 3D element to an AutoCAD LT package, AutoCAD is the all-in-one resource for product designers and engineers who want to see a product through from start to finish. 

With AutoCAD, you can add on whichever industry toolset you need for your specific job. Users have the freedom to add more tools to their software, managing what they do and do not pay for over time. You have access to specialized apps in the Autodesk app store, growing your toolset according to your needs. 


For both AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD, subscribers can choose between monthly pricing, a 1-year subscription, and a 3-year subscription. Monthly plans are great for specific short-term projects that will only require temporary access to revolutionary software. However, once you get into the tune of design, we know you’ll be hooked and itching for more time with the software. The 3-year subscription offers the best pricing of the three, helping you save money over time while also locking users into prices that won’t change during their commitment. 

Not sure how much you'll save with a 3-year subscription? To put it into context, a month-to-month subscription of AutoCAD LT is currently $50 per month. When you sign up for a 3-year subscription, your AutoCAD LT would be $30 per month, evening out to a hefty 40% savings.

Simply put, investing in the 3-year subscription is a smarter move financially, especially when you know you'll be using the software for more than a month at a time. And even if prices fluctuate within the AutoCAD framework, your pricing stays the same. You'll be locked in to your monthly rate during your 3-year commitment, protected from any price increases that might occur within that time frame. 

We know you’re never going to get over your love for being creative, so why short-change yourself out of savings?

Autodesk has been serving the design, engineering, and architecture communities with cutting-edge software for over 37 years, so you can count on them to continue giving you the software you need for your next big project. From professional engineers to freelance wood-workers, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are the software services that will ignite your inner creative. 

Visualize your product and make it happen with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. Get 10% off Autodesk software and start creating today!