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Overall Norton 360 Review

Symantec's new Norton 360 builds on over 25 years of experience to provide award-winning protection that has earned the trust of millions. This enhanced, 360° protection protects users against the constantly evolving cyberthreats that can affect you and your family's internet security. 

Depending on your internet needs, you can choose between five different plans with premium features to keep you safe as you browse. The new Norton 360 ranges from Norton 360 Standard to Norton 360 with LifeLock™ Ultimate Plus, making this a dynamic product that you can select based on your protection needs. We recommend it as a powerful, user-friendly Internet security platform. Protect yourself from viruses, malware, Wi-Fi security threats, identity vulnerability, and cyber threats as Norton 360 wraps all of these features into a new comprehensive bundle.


  • Real-time protection against viruses and malware
  • 100% money-back Virus Protection Guarantee
  • Protects your Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices
  • Fast scan times and easy-to-use
  • 25GB-100GB of secure cloud storage and automatic backup
  • 37-time PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award winner
  • Independent AV-Test lab certified
  • 24/7/365 customer support


  • Parental control is not available with Norton 360 Standard

Why Buy Norton 360?

Reviews of Norton antivirus are favorable across the board. Norton won the Editor’s Choice 37 times – more than any other security company. And now, they're adding LifeLock™ identity protection into their formula for a complex protection against cyber threats. 

Norton 360 provides real-time protection for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices. It effectively prevents existing and emerging viruses and malware from damaging your computer. Symantec is so confident in the testing that powers Norton 360 software that it offers a 100% threat removal money-back guarantee.

In-Depth Norton 360 User Review

Millions of users trust Norton 360 to keep them safe. In February 2019, Symantec and Norton security solutions won six AV-TEST awards, including the Best Protection award for Norton Security, Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, Best Android Protection for Norton Mobile Security, and Best Performance awards for Norton Security and Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud.

This marks Symantec’s fourth consecutive year winning Best Protection awards for Norton Security and Symantec Endpoint Protection, second consecutive Best Protection wins for Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, and second consecutive year winning Best Android Protection for Norton Mobile Security, and inaugural Best Performance wins for Norton Security and Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud. Norton's strong history in AV-TEST reviews is a strong testament to its comprehensive security and defense against convoluted cyber threats that are always changing. 

Norton 360 is top-of-the line antivirus software from a brand you can trust at an affordable price. Plus, you can get a 1-year subscription to Norton 360 Standard for just $39.99. Our review on Norton 360 finds it perfect for individuals with multiple devices, but maybe not for someone worried about their kids’ behavior online (for that we recommend McAfee Internet Security). Norton 360 does offer parental controls with all options other than Standard. 

Norton 360 Pricing and Features

Norton 360 utilizes state-of-the-art technology to defend against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats. In AV-TEST lab’s real-world review, Norton scored a 100% for its threat detection while examining over 20,000 samples – without slowing computer performance. Put simply, Norton 360 protects better and faster than the competition.

Symantec’s Norton Antivirus and Norton 360 products have been ubiquitous in internet security software for years, but often having so many products left consumers confused about the difference between them. Symantec has simplified things and now offers just the new and improved Norton 360, which covers all the bases. This all-in-one antivirus software includes all the best features from their previous software products, rolled into one.

Norton 360 does has 5 price tier options, but Norton makes it easy to understand the difference. Before we break down what sets the plans apart – here’s what’s included in all Norton 360 Products:

  • Real-time online threat protection
  • Anti-virus, malware, phishing, spam, spyware, worm, and Trojan protection
  • Automatic updates running the background that won't interrupt what you're doing
  • Anti-theft features including bank-grade encryption 
  • IP address masking for anonymous browsing
  • Secure personal data cloud backup
  • Personal firewall options
  • 24/7/365 customer support via email, phone, or live chat
  • 100% money-back guarantee to remove all viruses and malware
  • Password manager to keep your passwords safely in one place
  • Dark web monitoring specifically for email protection
  • VPN Wi-Fi security

This makes all the Norton 360 plans a great choice. And, with a price as low as $49.99 for an entire year you can protect yourself without paying too much.

One of the biggest difference between Norton 360 products is the number of devices you can protect. Norton 360 Standard covers 1 device for $7.99/month. As part of the premium plans, Norton 360 with LifeLock™ Advantage covers up to 10 devices, while LifeLock™ Ultimate Plus covers unlimited devices. 

New LifeLock Capabilities

As of April 2019, Norton and LifeLock have joined forces to give you a superior antivirus and VPN experience that proactively evolves to beat cybersecurity threats. With LifeLock on board with Norton, you can ensure that your identity and sensitive information is safe. 

Users now have Wi-Fi VPN security, so you can join any network at any coffee shop, airport, and more without worrying about a breach. 

With LifeLock Identity Theft Protection, your product will look for uses of your personal information. Its proprietary technology will immediately alert you to a wide range of potential threats to your identity depending on your preferred method of notifications.

Additional Security Features

In addition to online security, Norton 360 comes with some extra features to optimize your computer’s performance and enhance security including:

  • Password Manager – easily create, store, and manage your passwords and information
  • SafeCam – get notified if any hackers try to access your webcam 
  • Million Dollar Protection Package – get reimbursed for expenses, lawyer fees, and more incurred from identity theft
  • Secure Cloud Backup – store and protect important data in case of hard drive failure
  • Secure Wi-Fi VPN – strong encryption and IP masking for safe browsing anywhere you use Wi-Fi

If you share a computer with kids, you’ll want to opt for a plan other than Norton 360 Standard, since parental controls are only available in the more premium versions. 

Norton 360 Setup and Compatibility

Norton 360 is fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS mobile phones (iPhones). Just remember Norton 360 Standard only works with one device. If you have multiple devices – say a computer and smartphone – you want to pick a plan that covers up to 5 devices or more, like the Norton 360 Deluxe. 

Norton 360 setup is quick and easy. Testing shows that the initial scan takes just 10-15 minutes, with ongoing scanning going even faster.

Norton 360 has virtually no impact on day-to-day computer use. In our tests, Norton took under 2 seconds to scan most downloads for malicious files. That’s about twice as long as some competitors, but Norton exceeded their performance. In fact, Norton Security received a 100% threat detection rating by AV-TEST.

Ease of Use

Norton 360 is significantly easier-to-use than previous editions of Norton Antivirus products. All updates are automated and it will scan for threats in the background without interfering with what you are doing.

The program even responds to your behavior and adjusts to give you the best experience – that includes disabling notifications when you’re in full-screen mode (e.g. watching Netflix) and suspending all activities if you’re running out of power.

Technical Support

Norton makes getting in touch with customer service easy. You can get the help you need 24/7/365 via phone, email, or live chat.

Overall Norton 360 Review

Norton 360 provides advanced antivirus protection at an affordable price. If you have more than one computer or smartphone, we highly recommend purchasing Norton 360 Deluxe or more premium plans to ensure your safety across all devices. Get Norton today and save up to 60%. 

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