Cookies by Design Review

by Madi M.

Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Product Selection

Cookies by Design has a nice selection of cookie bouquets, cookie baskets, cookie cakes, and gourmet cookies for the cookie-sending enthusiast to choose from. As their name suggests, Cookies by Design mainly focuses on selling cookie-related gifts. Unlike some of their competitors, you won't find a large variety of other types of edible arrangements. You can, however, find gluten-free cookies here, and they offer the option of adding on treats like bags of jelly beans or mixed nuts to your cookie arrangement.

Shopping & Checkout

Overall, the order process was intuitive and streamlined. They offer several ways to narrow down your search such as shopping by product, by price, by holiday, or by general occasion. Once you find your perfect cookie arrangement for whatever occasion or person you're commemorating, you have the option to customize the number of cookies you'd like to send and then personalize it with your own edible frosting message.

With Independence Day just around the corner, I opted for the "Firecrackin' Fourth" cookie bouquet. The medium, priced at $55.99 for 7 decorated cookies, looked sufficient to convey my love for America. I couldn't think of anything that sounded nicer than their "Have a Blast on the 4th!" message, so I went with their pre-written sentiment.

Cookies by Design happened to be running a promotion on their homepage for a free basket upgrade, so I went with the nicer "Red Boardwalk" container, assuming I would be comped for the extra $8.99 once I made my way to the checkout.

You can imagine my disappointment then when I tried to enter the promo code and received the message below telling me I had come to their site from an advertising partner that did not allow coupons, so I had to call in my order. I frequently check for discounts before I shop online, and I have never run into that issue before, nor have I ever had a coupon that is advertised on the home page of a website not work for the product it was advertised for on that same website.

I really didn't want to get on the phone and talk to a real person (isn't that what the internet is for?) just to place a cookie order, so I decided to go another route and clear my computer's cookies and try again. Well, a couple of browser clicks later, I got back to the same place in checkout, and this time the promo code worked. Hooray!

After that small snafu, I continued through checkout, specified the recipient's address, and chose from one of the rather pricey delivery options. Their standard 3-day delivery starts at $17, and if you'd like anything delivered on a Saturday, be prepared to shell out an extra $43.

On the final checkout page, billing information is entered, and customers can choose to pay by either credit card or PayPal. They provide a final summary of charges (where I noticed there was now a $2.00 "service fee"), so you know exactly what you're being charged before you place your order.


My cookie bouquet arrived on the day I had scheduled it to be delivered, and although they don't guarantee a delivery time, a UPS worker delivered it a little before noon – plenty of time to gorge on cookies and not spoil my dinner. The cookie bouquet came in a non-descript brown box, but the cookies were well protected by bubble wrap and cellophane.

When I unwrapped the bouquet, there were my 7 decorated cookies! I was pleased with how similar they looked compared to the website photo. The main difference that I noticed was that each cookie in my bouquet was individually wrapped in plastic. I'm sure this is to help keep them fresh while they're in transit, but it does take away from the presentation to have to remove plastic from each cookie before enjoying it.

The cookies themselves were very large and I could have easily shared one with someone else ("could" being the operative word here). They are essentially jumbo sugar cookies with frosting on top. The taste was about average – I would rate them better than the pack of 20 cookies you can get at your local grocery store, but not as good as homemade cookies or cookies fresh from a specialty bakery.

If ordering again in the future, I would consider trying one of the Cookies by Design gourmet cookie boxes that contain more traditional cookies, or get one of their "BouTrays" that includes a few decorated sugar cookies accompanied by a tray of regular cookies in your favorite flavor. The cookie bouquet seems like a good gift to bring to a big gathering or to send to an office where they can be shared among several sweet-toothed co-workers. Overall, I was happy with the cookies and the Cookies by Design service, but their prices seemed a bit steep for the final product.

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