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Natural & Organic Beauty Solutions

If you're concerned about the ingredients in some of your beauty products, Suzanne Somers has developed a line of health and beauty supplies that help you avoid toxins and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Her comprehensive offerings include organic makeup, anti-aging cream, toxic-free skincare, and chemical-free household cleaning supplies.

All About

Suzanne Somers has emerged as a vocal proponent of knowing what exactly is in your makeup bag. From petroleum and plastic to lead-laden lipsticks, she asserts that many women are being exposed to dangerous levels of unhealthy chemicals just through their daily beauty routine. Her answer: a complete line of makeup and skincare using only natural, organic and toxic-free ingredients.

Suzanne Organics Skincare line features anti-aging skin cream, bioactive moisturizer and even an organic facial cleanser that will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and naturally beautiful. All of her products are certified ToxicFree®. That means no synthetic fragrances, no parabens, no animal testing and no chemical emulsifiers. It's even 100% gluten-free!

Her complimentary Suzanne Organics Cosmetics products feature makeup that's actually good for your skin! You get the same flawless looks with smooth foundations, pressed powders and lipstick that uses natural berry pigment for color. She even has eyebrow pencils and mascara so you can complete your look. Her cosmetic and skincare prices are on par or slightly less than many department store brands, but you'll feel great knowing you're treating your skin right.

Why Customers Choose

Not only are Suzanne Somers' products natural and organic, they actually work, too! Real customers have been giving Suzanne Organics Skincare and Cosmetics products rave reviews since they discovered them, and we think you will too. Plus, every product is backed by a money back guarantee and helpful customer service agents are ready to assist you should have have any problems.