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Makeup You Can Take Anywhere

Stowaway Cosmetics has created a line of makeup that's just the right size to fit anywhere, so you can look fabulous without lugging your entire makeup bag with you every time you leave your house. This is a great solution for busy professionals, multitasking moms, and everyone in between. We all hate the feeling of showing up to a meeting or event only to realize a new blemish has appeared out of thin air, or we forgot to put makeup on altogether. Stowaway Cosmetics makes everything from concealer to lip stick in petite packages that are travel friendly for ladies who are on the go.

All About Stowaway Cosmetics

It's easy to find the right makeup products for the right price at Stowaway Cosmetics. Check out their Simple Sets for prepackaged sets of mascara, blush, eyeliner and lipstick for $50. These are perfect for keeping in your bag for quick and easy touch-ups when you're out and about. If you're ready to go all-in, The Essentials Kit gives you everything you need in perfectly sized portions. For $100 you get seven makeup essentials that you can customize to match your skin tone and color preferences. You can also buy all of their products individually if you prefer to build your own makeup collection.

Stowaway Cosmetics also understands that it can be hard to find the perfect makeup online without seeing the colors in person or trying on their products first. They've solved this dilemma by providing a Cosmetics Concierge service so you can reach out to a beauty expert and have all of your questions answered before you commit to a product. Stowaway Cosmetics even pays you for recycling your empty makeup containers. For every 3 products you return, you get $5 towards your next purchase. They give you a prepaid shipping label to make it even easier.

Why Customers Choose Stowaway Cosmetics

You get premium makeup in sizes you'll actually finish, so you don't have to deal with expired products or bulky makeup bags. This also cuts down on waste and throwing away unused products. Plus, Stowaway Cosmetics offers free ground shipping on orders over $50. They even let you return (within 14 days) or exchange (within 30 days) any items if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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